Woods Hole Group is an international environmental, scientific, and engineering consulting organization headquartered in Falmouth, Massachusetts. We are committed to meeting our clients’ objectives and at the same time safeguarding the environmental health of our planet. This requires a fundamental understanding of the laws of Nature and a willingness–and ability–to challenge long-accepted notions of what can and cannot be done.

As a company, we believe that environmental leadership is defined by creativity and vision. Only far-sighted, interdisciplinary planning has any prospect for real success–at any level, whether local, regional, national, or international. To protect the legacy of all humankind, it must be understood more widely that good economic policy and good environmental policy go hand-in-hand.

Plotting such a course, in partnership with either public or private concerns, required teams of specialists who can work well and supportively with their counterparts–whether from other companies, agencies, or nations. That is what Woods Hole Group offers. That is why Woods Hole Group was founded.

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