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Sustainable Coastal Development

Throughout human history, civilizations have developed and thrived at the interface between land and water – the coast. This is a place of tremendous productivity and biological diversity. But our recent patterns of growth have left our shorelines altered and … Continue reading

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Ventura takes novel approach to coastal erosion

This is a very interesting case study of managed retreat from sea-level rise, one of many climate change adaptation strategies, that involved cooperation between city and state entities. Key in this land use decision to allow the beach to move … Continue reading

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Climate Change Adaptation

The following article emphasizes the importance of adaptation planning worldwide, with a nod to planning for sea-level rise and more intense storms in coastal communities. Adaptation Emerges as Key Part of Any Climate Change Plan by Bruce Stutz: Yale Environment … Continue reading

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Beach Nourishment in progress on Martha’s Vineyard

Woods Hole Group planned, designed and permitted a beach nourishment project on Martha’s Vineyard that spans beaches at Bend in the Road, Silvia State Beach, and sections of private property, including Cow Bay, in the Towns of Edgartown and Oak … Continue reading

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Acidification Of Oceans May Contribute To Global Declines Of Shellfish, Study By Stony Brook Scientists Concludes

We’ve known about the anthropogenic threats to coral reefs for some time.  Eutrophication smothers corals; fishing with cyanide and explosives destroys reefs; and warming oceans spawn coral bleaching events. Recently, ocean acidification has been added to that list of threats.  … Continue reading

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ASBPA: In defense of earmarks?

ASBPA: In defense of earmarks? Federal beach projects could be collateral damage in any Congressional appropriations crackdown.

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12/16/2010: EPA Analysis Shows Decrease in 2009 Toxic Chemical Releases in Massachusetts

12/16/2010: EPA Analysis Shows Decrease in 2009 Toxic Chemical Releases in Massachusetts.

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