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King tide a window to future, let’s document it!

King Tide to Raise Sea Level on Atlantic Coast – A king tide¬†will be running Wednesday and Thursday because gravitational forces of the sun, the moon and the earth will be lined up in a cue shot of fleeting … Continue reading

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Competition photo reveals Europe’s worst coastal erosion

At approximately 6.5 ft/yr average long-term annual erosion, this stretch of the British coast is disappearing fast… Continue reading

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Wetlands at a tipping point, coastal wetlands vulnerable

The latest U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) report documenting the losses and gains in wetland acreage came out earlier this month. Commenting on the study’s findings, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said: Continue reading

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Stakeholder-driven ocean management

Creating A Blueprint For Our Coast How can multiple, competing uses co-exist compatibly? What’s often missing from planning is science-based information that evaluates the compatibility of conflicting uses and environmental impacts. New tools are available to help analyze current and … Continue reading

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