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Do we need sealife corridors?

The results of an unprecedented decade-long tracking study of marine life, the Census of Marine Life Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) project, suggests that the California Current is a major hotspot for large marine predators.  The California Current, which flows … Continue reading

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5 beaches in MA with hiking nearby

Lounging in the sand at the beach is great, but let’s face it – not everyone can just sit there all day.  If you want to get out and explore coastal habitats while at the beach, here are a few … Continue reading

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Beach nourishment does more

If you head to the beach this summer, you may encounter areas of our coast that have experienced severe erosion.  What can be done to restore beaches?  Well, some of the sand that has been stripped from the beach by … Continue reading

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The benefits of coastal management

New approach reveals the benefits of coastal management. Here is an interesting article about some research in the UK combining salt marsh restoration modeling with contingent valuation to target the most efficient and beneficial sites for “managed realignment” (breaching coastal … Continue reading

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Salt Marsh and Wetland Restoration Contract

In Massachusetts alone, thousands of acres of coastal marshes and wetlands are impacted by restricted tidal and water flows.  These impacts result from failing infrastructure, from old and poorly planned projects, and from changing environmental conditions.  The Massachusetts Division of … Continue reading

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Report from Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Workshop

Woods Hole Group coastal geologist Leslie Fields attended a recent NOAA Coastal Services Center workshop on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, and reports back on the proceedings: NOAA’s Coastal Services Center recently held a focus workshop for the Multi-Purpose Marine … Continue reading

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Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

The American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) recently released an informative article on a new integrative ecosystem-based approach to coastal and marine management that is getting traction throughout the country: spatial planning. ASBPA: Planning for better coastal balance. Coastal … Continue reading

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