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Urbanization and Estuaries – challenge and opportunity

These two very interesting papers came across the wires the other day and, while at face they may not seem all that related, we thought that – taken together – they suggest some exciting synergies for coastal urban environments. A … Continue reading

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Principles of adaptation and resilience for coastal cities

In this interview, World Bank urban specialist Anthony Bigio succinctly outlines three critical areas for North African coastal cities to consider when thinking about climate change adaptation and resilience: Urban Planning – cities are projected to grow rapidly from now … Continue reading

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Salt Marsh and Wetland Restoration Contract

In Massachusetts alone, thousands of acres of coastal marshes and wetlands are impacted by restricted tidal and water flows.  These impacts result from failing infrastructure, from old and poorly planned projects, and from changing environmental conditions.  The Massachusetts Division of … Continue reading

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Sustainable Coastal Development

Throughout human history, civilizations have developed and thrived at the interface between land and water – the coast. This is a place of tremendous productivity and biological diversity. But our recent patterns of growth have left our shorelines altered and … Continue reading

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