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Urbanization and Estuaries – challenge and opportunity

These two very interesting papers came across the wires the other day and, while at face they may not seem all that related, we thought that – taken together – they suggest some exciting synergies for coastal urban environments. A … Continue reading

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Straight flush: wastewater treatment options (via Climatide)

Straight flush: wastewater treatment options | Climatide. Heather Goldstone of Climatide wrote a very good article about a hot topic here on the Cape.  Towns across Cape Cod are wrestling with how to fund massive investments in infrastructure designed to … Continue reading

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Acidification Of Oceans May Contribute To Global Declines Of Shellfish, Study By Stony Brook Scientists Concludes

We’ve known about the anthropogenic threats to coral reefs for some time.  Eutrophication smothers corals; fishing with cyanide and explosives destroys reefs; and warming oceans spawn coral bleaching events. Recently, ocean acidification has been added to that list of threats.  … Continue reading

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