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Fish kills reported – help us track them!

One of our citizen scientists used Woods Hole Group’s fish mortality reporting system to notify us of a recent fish kill here in Falmouth, MA.  Turns out she wasn’t the only one to notice the 16 dead striped bass washed … Continue reading

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Happy World Oceans Day!

One of the largest natural resources on earth is also one of its most threatened.  Take a moment today – World Oceans Day – to reflect on the myriad services oceans provide us, and how our daily lives in turn … Continue reading

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New sub-glacial map reveals Greenland’s conduit to the sea

Stunning data from the NASA Earth Observatory’s IceBridge program indicates that “Greenland’s Jakobshavn glacier has the potential to influence sea level rise more than any other single feature in the Northern Hemisphere.” Detailed mapping of the bedrock below the fastest … Continue reading

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King tide a window to future, let’s document it!

King Tide to Raise Sea Level on Atlantic Coast – A king tide will be running Wednesday and Thursday because gravitational forces of the sun, the moon and the earth will be lined up in a cue shot of fleeting … Continue reading

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Stakeholder-driven ocean management

Creating A Blueprint For Our Coast How can multiple, competing uses co-exist compatibly? What’s often missing from planning is science-based information that evaluates the compatibility of conflicting uses and environmental impacts. New tools are available to help analyze current and … Continue reading

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Ocean Frontiers – A New Era in Ocean Stewardship

Ocean Frontiers. “Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship”, a documentary about marine spatial planning, was just premiered at the Living on the Edge Coastal Communities Conference. The documentary showcases the processes and successes realized by … Continue reading

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If a beach erodes on the Cape and someone is there to record it…

…it definitely makes a sound. Here at Woods Hole Group, we routinely measure shoreline change from visual observations of the high water line position through time.  We are data-driven and visually-focused.  But in the age of distributed sensors and crowdsourcing, … Continue reading

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