Fish kills reported – help us track them!

One of our citizen scientists used Woods Hole Group’s fish mortality reporting system to notify us of a recent fish kill here in Falmouth, MA.  Turns out she wasn’t the only one to notice the 16 dead striped bass washed up on the shores of Little Pond (see Cape Cod Times and Falmouth Enterprise).

While local officials and scientists are confident in their assessment that this event on Little Pond resulted from low dissolved oxygen levels (due to area septic system nitrogen inputs spurring an algae bloom), we are less sure about the cause of other fish kills that have occurred in the region.

For this reason, we have developed an iPhone app and a voice/text reporting system to track these events and hopefully obtain fresh samples for analysis.  We’ve already fielded a handful of reports so far this year, one of which yielded a bluefish for necropsy by our team of researchers.  As we collect more data, we hope to get to the bottom of this disconcerting phenomenon.  So, please, be our eyes out on the water this summer – download the mCrowd app (‘Buzzards Bay Fish Mortality’ is a task within this app) and become a citizen scientist.

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3 Responses to Fish kills reported – help us track them!

  1. Geoff says:

    Citizen science and fish kills – you can join for free and use it to track, map and submit fish-kill events in your region. is a global open-source intelligence gathering and analysis network for aquatic animal health.

  2. Citizen Sort says:

    Creating a citizen science opportunity to help solve the problem of the fish mortality is a great idea! I hope everything works out! Best of luck!

  3. searunner says:

    Nice! It’s rare to find a unique new app these days, especially one with marine conservation in mind. I’ll keep tabs, I’m on the cape often!

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