New York CitiVision raises awareness of sea-level rise

What would a Friday be without some fatidic architectural renderings?  The New York CitiVision competition asked the question “If the future is gone, what past is expecting us?”, pressing designers to think about what the future city might look like if a critical choice had been made differently or how it might adapt to an already compromised future.

The responses run the gamut from eutopian to dystopian, but what is really notable to us is that sea-level rise seems to be on the collective consciousness.  We’ll chalk up the accuracy of sea-level representations to artistic license, and be thankful that designers are thinking about how cities could adapt to rising seas – however fanciful the adaptation.

Here are a few relevant entries, click the picture for more details, and let your imagination run wild:

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1 Response to New York CitiVision raises awareness of sea-level rise

  1. The problem with all of this, of course, is that predictions of future sea-level rise are neither linear nor consistent with historic trends, as John Bruno of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill points out in a post on his blog, Sea Monster . Bruno notes that “sea level fluctuates naturally by 10s to 100s of meters but has been relatively stable for the last few thousand years,” that “greenhouse gas emissions are causing sea level to rise via ‘thermal expansion’ (warming a liquid increases its volume) and by melting mountain glaciers,” and that “the rate of sea level rise appears to be accelerating, i.e., non-linear”.

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