Cape Cod Beaches Eroding At Alarming Rate | WBUR

We’ve written about the astounding erosion rates around the Cape before, but a quote from a Dennis resident in this WBUR article speaks to the tangible consequences of sea-level rise and interrupted sand transport systems on coastal communities:

What this means to beach-goer Pat Devine is that she may not bother coming back to Chapin this summer.

“I came here today to walk the beach,” Devine said. “I didn’t buy my [parking] sticker yet because I don’t know, with the situation, if it’s worth getting a sticker.”

via Cape Cod Beaches Eroding At Alarming Rate | WBUR.

If residents are thinking twice about the value of a beach sticker, it stands to reason tourists are probably making similar judgements about whether to return to their favorite beach community next year.  Perhaps beach parking sticker purchases will be the next climate change indicator for coastal communities.

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