Real-time data in many ports and harbors is available to the public

NOAA PORTS – Data in ports and harbors available to the public:

People may not be aware of the data available in many ports and harbors throughout the US.  Every 6 minutes, the public can access up-to-date information related to tide elevation, current speed and direction, the distance from the water surface to the bottom of a bridge, wind, salinity, and other environmental parameters.  The Physical Oceanographic Real Time System (PORTS) served by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides valuable information supporting safe navigation, efficient maritime commerce, and a variety of engineering, environmental, and recreational purposes.  In Houston/Galveston alone, a study by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Marine Policy Center showed high confidence in nearly $12M in annual economic benefits associated with the PORTS system there.  Data provided by NOAA PORTS are helpful to ship pilots navigating a tight channel, environmental clean-up/response teams, coastal engineers, and even sailors and beach goers seeking the latest wind and current conditions.  The easily navigable NOAA website quickly leads to updated data plots and data archives.  Woods Hole Group works as a contractor supporting PORTS in Chesapeake, Delaware, and Narragansett Bays, New Haven, New York/New Jersey Harbor, the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, and in Lake Charles Louisiana, supporting more than 120 data collection sites and systems.

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