What’s your beach’s water quality?

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With Memorial Day right around the corner, the state of our beaches is an important topic.  In anticipation of the beach season, we wondered: how many New England beaches are there, and how are they all doing?

According to the 2009 EPA Beach Report, there are 813 monitored beaches in New England.

Connecticut – 65
Maine – 60
Massachusetts – 603
New Hampshire – 17
Rhode Island – 68

Previous reports indicated that CT, MA, and NH monitor all of their coastal beaches, but ME monitors about 85% of its beaches and RI only monitors 30% of its beaches.  So in total, the number of beaches (monitored and unmonitored) in New England is more like 987.

Nationwide, reported beach closures due to water quality concerns increased in 2009 due to increased monitoring efforts and increased rainfall.  However, closures and advisories only affected 5% of total beach days.

Before you head out to your favorite beach, be sure to check the latest water quality updates at EPA’s Beach Advisory and Closing On-line Notification.

And if you happen to visit one of New England’s 987 beaches this summer, don’t forget to submit a photo to our “Favorite New England Beaches” photo contest for your chance to win an iPad2.  Enjoy your summers…protect your beaches!

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