Woods Hole Group hires new expert in environmental science and risk assessment

Effective this Monday, March 28, Jerome J. Cura, Ph.D., LSP will join Woods Hole Group as Senior Environmental Scientist in our Environmental Assessment & Remediation practice.

Dr. Cura has over thirty years experience in environmental assessment, specifically in ecological risk analysis.  He is a trained biological oceanographer and a nationally recognized and published expert in the application of ecological risk analysis to dredged material management decisions.  He developed national guidance for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the design of risk assessments at dredged material sites, and served as Chair and U.S. Principal Representative to an international working group on the development of risk based methods for assessing disposal of dredged material in marine and aquatic environments.

Jerry has worked on projects at power plants, industrial dischargers, capital dredging project sites, state hazardous waste sites, manufactured gas plant sites, RCRA sites, and CERCLA sites.  He is also a Licensed Site Professional in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Jerry reports: “I am very excited to be joining the Woods Hole Group team.  Over the years, I have participated in many successful technical projects with the Woods Hole Group oceanographers and environmental scientists as a consultant to the company.  Now, I look forward to serving the best interests of Woods Hole Group clients as a senior scientist.”

We are also quite pleased with this exciting development and look forward to working with Dr. Cura as we enhance our capabilities in environmental assessment.

, Ph.D., LSP
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